Selah. Rest. Breathe, Pause. Listen.

Selah. Rest. Breathe, Pause. Listen.

Shorter blog today, different focus. The world has been hitting us hard lately so I wanted to maybe offer something that could help in moments of turmoil. 


Meet us here. Be with us. Breathe into us. Speak to us. 





(in the Bible) occurring frequently at the end of a verse in Psalms and Habakkuk, probably as a musical direction.


Stop. Breathe. Pause. Listen. 

The word Selah is a word that appears 74 times in the Old Testament. It's meaning is actually lost in history. What we do know is that it was primarily used in Psalms. Which means that is was most likely a musical direction. Based on context it seems as though Selah means something along the lines of Rest or Pause. 

Think about a song or maybe a moment in live music that you were so caught up in it that you had to just stop and listen and be. That is Selah. 

I've experienced undirected Selah many times in life during music. Working for years in the live music industry I have been in some amazing situations that made me stop, close my eyes and be fully present with what is happening. 

The word Selah is just that. It's used in the Psalms as a reminder to stop and be present. 

We've faced tragedy after tragedy for years. Literally mass shooting after mass shooting followed by terrorists plowing through crowds of people. Followed by suicides of influential people. Followed by wars and rumors of wars.

Life is not all roses.... But it's a gift and it's still beautiful.

The hack is to embrace Selah. 

When was the last time that you slowed down, closed your eyes and just embraced the moment? 

Embrace it with all of it's flaws. 

Embrace it for all of it's beauty. 

Embrace it the now. 

Pause. Breathe. Rest. Listen.

You would be surprised what you may hear if you do this. You would be surprised what feelings may overcome you in that moment. 

Today, embrace Selah amidst the chaos. The Lord is good and bigger than all of the struggles and chaos of the world. It's during Selah moments that we get a glimpse of that. 

Try a quick little exercise. Listen to the song below. Attempt to Pause. Rest and Listen. Ask the Lord to be present with you during that moment. 

2. Be Better Than You

2. Be Better Than You

1. Work Harder than the person next to you.

1. Work Harder than the person next to you.