1. Work Harder than the person next to you.

1. Work Harder than the person next to you.

This is a lesson past down from one Harris man to the next. It’s not about working hard to be seen, it’s about working hard because it’s the right thing to do. The reward of doing the right thing is personal and financial growth..

Working harder than the person next to you makes you stand out. Hard work isn’t something that can really be faked. It has to be done. People can BS “know how” but working hard can’t be forged. If you have “know how” and then you apply it with hard work  integrity there is no stopping you.

Working harder than the person next to you often times has a positive effect on the person next to you. It’s leading by example. People are fairly competitive by nature, if the person next to me at the gym is going hard, I want to go harder. If the mom on the stair stepper next to me is maxed out at a pace of 10 then I will kill myself trying to keep up… I don’t like to be outdone, but that’s not what this is about. It’s about others seeing the hard work that you’re putting in and them wanting to replicate the results and the only way to replicate the results of hard work is more hard work. When you are putting in hard work and inviting others along everyone benefits.

I choose everyday to do the hard things. I fail miserably all of the time; but that’s no excuse to not try. Sometimes working hard is the furthest thing from what I want to do; but then I look to the ones that motivate me, my wife, my daughters, my son… they keep me going.

My dad has always been a shining example of hard work. He may not always know what he’s doing but, dammit, he’s gonna work hard at it. It was that mentality that kept him working 80 hours a week so that my brother and I could race motocross growing up. He worked hard and he did it for us.

What motivates you? I have smaller motivations too. Like for health, it’s to keep my blood pressure down, which I can do through diet and exercise. For my mind it’s to learn more at all times, I do this by reading and listening to podcasts. For my spirit it’s to be at peace, I do this by reading scripture, sitting in contemplative silence and praying. These things don’t take crazy effort but they do require hard work and dedication to establish routine.

So, today ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. “What do I want?”

  2. “What does it take to get there?”

  3. “What am I willing to sacrifice to make that happen?”

Because hard work does require sacrifice. I don’t watch TV. I determined that the return on my time investment is much greater on something else. Don’t get me wrong, I may binge watch a series on netflix occasionally, but that’s rare and generally when my brain just needs to rest and not think.

Defining what you want, how to get there and what to sacrifice is the roadmap to success. Hard work is what drives the journey.

When do you start?


Where do you start?


Selah. Rest. Breathe, Pause. Listen.

Selah. Rest. Breathe, Pause. Listen.

Compassion is not Fashion.