2. Be Better Than You

2. Be Better Than You

Comparison is a tricky thing. It can sometimes set up unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations can be the downfall to any goal. If you have an expectation that is in no way achievable it’s easy to bail on that goal. Giving up on goals for the wrong reasons generally leads to a long slippery slope of giving up on more goals.

Comparison isn’t always bad. It’s what you are comparing yourself against that can be the issue. But there is one comparison that will always be worth looking at. That’s yourself.

You can almost always be better than you are today. That’s the comparison that matters.

Want to make more money. Look at how much you make today and set a goal of making more in 6 months, then develop a plan on how you can accomplish that.

Want to be more fit? Want to be less anxious. Want to meet more people? Want to spend more time with family?

All of these things can only be measured by comparing yourself to yourself. Your only competition is your past self. The part that get’s fun is when your future self smashes the goal and has confidence. Then you set a new goal, and this time you are competing against a confident version of yourself. You will begin to improve in any area that you are challenging yourself exponentially!

The problem with how we are fed comparison is that it is designed to make us fail and look to buy the easy way out.

Can’t be as ripped as an NFL player? Buy some Nike training gear and you’ll be on your way!

Want to be wealthy? Well first you have to look the part. Shop beyond your means and you’ll be dressing for success!

Commercialism is all about making you believe that you can be someone else. That you can be fulfilled by whatever is being sold. It first compares you to someone and then shows you how to be them.

Stop comparing yourself to anyone. Just be better than you.

When you wake up each day with a goal of being better than you, you grow. When you wake up each day with a goal of being someone else you fail… because you are you. The only person that you can be better than is you.

You are no better than the person next you. They are no better than you. We are all fighting our own battles and 90% of those battles are with ourselves.

So today, be better than you. Come up with a goal. Develop a plan. And 6 months from now look back and see how much better you are than you!

A day off

Selah. Rest. Breathe, Pause. Listen.

Selah. Rest. Breathe, Pause. Listen.