36 Things in 36 Years

I just turned 36. I kinda feel like an adult most of the time. Event when I don't feel like it, I do know that I know adult things. I have 36 years of trial and error. 

The morning of my birthday I woke up and wrote 36 things that I've learned during that time. None of these lessons came quickly, and I don't have any of them mastered; but I do want to write more in depth on each of them. 

This will be a new blog series that I will put out on Fridays. Each Friday I will write about one of these topics. I will continue my Wednesday blogs on faith as well. If you have signed up for email updates I will make sure that you are getting those too! 

36 Things That I've Learned in 36 Years

  1. Work harder than the person next to you.

  2. Always try to be better than you.

  3. Don’t beat yourself up.

  4. Let things go.

  5. Move on fast.

  6. Love always wins.

  7. Forgiveness is always better than the burden of hate.

  8. Family first always.

  9. Good friends are hard to find, when you do find them they should be family.

  10. Always take the chance.

  11. It is possible to have too much of a good thing.

  12. There is nothing more motivating than a family.

  13. Be present.

  14. Be intentional.

  15. Physical health is important.

  16. Feed your brain.

  17. Love hard.

  18. Be friendly.

  19. Always hold the door.

  20. Say, “Yes mam.” and “Yes sir.”

  21. Feed your soul.

  22. Wake up early.

  23. Listen to loud music.

  24. Danger is exhilarating.

  25. People aren’t perfect, don’t expect them to be.

  26. Turn the TV off.

  27. Build things.

  28. Life is an adventure.  

  29. Don’t be too proud to get your hands dirty.

  30. Don’t be too proud to do the things that keep your hands clean.

  31. Take days off.

  32. Treat EVERYONE with respect.

  33. The world is a beautiful place.

  34. When Necessary, say you can do something that you can’t and then learn how to before you get busted.

  35. Simplify whenever/whatever you can.

  36. Always finish what you start.

  37. Go the extra mile.

Compassion is not Fashion.