3. Don’t beat yourself up.

If we are not failing we are not trying. Failure is always an option. Sometimes it's the only option and we can't see it until it's on top of us. But that failure is only a true failure if we don't use it to grow. When we use failure as an opportunity for self loathing, then it becomes a failure. 

2. Be Better Than You

When you wake up each day with a goal of being better than you, you grow. When you wake up each day with a goal of being someone else you fail… because you are you. The only person that you can be better than is you.

1. Work Harder than the person next to you.

Working harder than the person next to you makes you stand out. Hard work isn’t something that can really be faked. It has to be done. People can BS “know how” but working hard can’t be forged. If you have “know how” and then you apply it with hard work  integrity there is no stopping you.

But it’s the sinners, the unrighteous, that Jesus spent so much time with. He didn’t come to call the righteous… in fact the “righteous” are the ones who hated him the most. Often, the most judgemental people in the world are those considered “righteous”. In their “righteousness” there is no room for anything less. Which means that they push out anything or anyone that doesn’t fit that mold.


His desire for us is life to the fullest and the best that we tend towards is clean on the outside and dead on the inside.


Sanctification... round 2

Maybe it's time for us to repent. Maybe the ways of love have been forsaken for the ways of the world. Maybe we've been so caught up in being right that we've lost track of what is actually right. 

We live in a society that gives EVERYONE a platform and an algorithm to reach people and be edified by them clicking the like button. That's not the way of love, that is a self seeking way of life. "How many people are going to like or comment or share this message..." that is all based in a desire to lift one's self higher. It's hard to love sacrificially when we are busy attempting to out do what we were yesterday. 

God, Forgive Me, the Drunken Street Evangelist.

By the end of the conversation I was holding him in my arms as he wept, praying God's love over his life. Speaking identity into the dark places of his heart. Reminding him that the good news is that God loves him and every other person walking down the street. That God loves me 3 margaritas deep into my anniversary.