In what ways would the world be enriched if we shared, freely, the gifts of the Lord instead of keeping them for our private little book club? It's time that we take the gifts to the world. Put them in a nice neat little box with a bow and give them to the ones we see as LEAST DESERVING, after all they probably deserve it more than us. Get out of our clean little meeting spaces and get a little dirty. Stop pretending like our dress isn't stained with vomit from the binge the night before.

People love the talk of revival, but until they allow the spirit to take over and have full control, revival sounds like a lot of uncomfortable hard work.  

Story time.

You may not have control of all of the events, but you do have control of your reactions to the events. Your reactions have the ability to inspire, to bring more life into the world, or do the exact opposite. 

The creator. The one through whom and for whom all things were created IS SPEAKING and we are too busy to hear. “Come. Follow me.” We would rather catch fish than the souls of men. Our passion for eternity has been foregone for momentary satisfaction.

time to re-plug.

Usually on Saturday morning Crystal is the last to get up, and that's when I begin to play country. Maybe Willie. Maybe George. Maybe Johnny. Maybe Garth. This morning it will probably be the new Chris Stapleton.... but always GOOD country, never Toby Keith.